Copy My Proven 4-Phase Funnel So You Can Successfully Launch Your Program, Product or Service Online In The Next 4 Months.

…Without an email list, fancy technology/software platforms or online-marketing know-how.

If you’re a healthcare professional, service provider or personal brand with a fully completed program, product or service and are 100% ready to create a high converting online funnel so you can consistently grow your business, then let’s not waste any more time… apply to the Launch It Like A Boss Mastermind With Lori Kennedy.

It’s likely that you found this page, my community, or were referred to me because you have a program, product or service that you want to uplevel and scale online but aren’t exactly sure how to do that.

Maybe you’ve tried to ‘launch’ online and it doesn’t go as planned. Or maybe you’re interesting in creating a funnel so that you can get out having to launch so you can truly increase your time freedom and financial abundance.

Whatever the reason is that you’re here, I’m glad you made it.

Odds are that you’re reading this page because you already know in your gut that investing in a high-level mastermind program is the right thing for you to do and you’re looking for information on how the Launch It Like A Boss Mastermind works, so you can make a confident decision before you apply.

What Is The Launch It Like A Boss Mastermind?

First and most importantly, the Launch It Like A Boss Mastermind is a group of ambitious and supportive business owners (AKA entrepreneurs) who are ready to invest in themselves, ready to step up their game and ready to grow their business all so they can make more money and make a bigger impact in the world.

And you’re ready and committed to doing the work to uplevel your business by creating a high-converting online funnel that leads to a program, product or service launch.

Since you won’t be learning how to create funnels and launch your programs, products or services in any certification or degree programs you’ve completed, I’ve taken my years of experience and simplified it down to create a proven 4-phase launch system.

The LILAB Mastermind walks you through exactly what you need to do from beginning to end so you can build out your funnel and launch within a 4 month period as long as you have a 100% completed program, product or service.


What You’ll Learn:

After running over a dozen of my own 5 and 6-figure launches and helping hundreds of online entrepreneurs create their own funnels and launches, I am going to show you how to launch the right way.

  • The 4-Phase Launch System (Launch Prep | Pre-Launch | Live Launch | Post Launch)
  • The exact metrics to track, how to track and how to evaluate so you can properly budget and scale with or without Facebook ads
  • How to setup your business backend so you’re organized and in control of your time.
  • The right way to create a lead magnet and grow your email list with qualified potential clients and customers
  • The specific blogs, social media posts and Facebook live’s to do before and during your launch so that you can grow your email list and maximize sales
  • The correct sequence of emails to include in each phase of your launch
  • How to position and communicate your offer before you even sell anything so that it converts effectively (price is irrelevant here)
  • Positive sales psychology strategies to attract and maintain your ideal prospects attention during a launch
  • How to setup and use Facebook ads to grow your email list and make sales
  • The nitty-gritty technology details that bog you down and prevent you from creating the high-converting funnel you need so you can have a successful launch


What’s Included In The LILAB Mastermind?

The LILAB Mastermind requires a 4-month commitment and includes the option to continue on a month-to-month basis.

Onboarding Call: After you’ve been invited to join the LILAB Mastermind and your enrolment is complete, you’ll receive an email with a link to schedule your 30-minute onboarding call.

Lifetime access to the LILAB Mastermind membership site: This is where all of the trainings are held. You’ll have instant and ongoing access to the membership site even after the 4-month commitment is over.

Weekly Technology Coaching: Every Tuesday at 12:00pm EST inside the LILAB Mastermind Facebook group you’ll get access to the Tuesday Tech Call. This is where we work through your specific tech bottlenecks, i.e., Facebook ad pixels, Facebook ads, webinar issues, ClickFunnels, Active Campaign, Aweber, Lead Pages, etc.

All calls are recorded and available for replay inside the Facebook group. If you can’t make a call you can post your question and we’ll answer it.

Weekly Strategy Coaching: Every Thursday at 12:00 pm EST  inside the LILAB Mastermind Facebook group you’ll get access to the Thursday Strategy Call. This is where we jam on your specific business and get you clarity on your messaging, sales offer, positioning, pricing, headlines, email copy, sales page copy etc.

All calls are recorded and available for replay inside the Facebook group. If you can’t make a call you can post your question and we’ll answer it.

The LILAB Mastermind Facebook Group: Inside the Facebook group is where you’ll access the coaching calls, ask for support, ask questions, vent, share and virtually hang out on a Friday night so you don’t feel so lonely sitting on your couch with your computer on your lap.

After the 4-month commitment is over you have the opportunity to move to a month-to-month plan that will give you ongoing access to the LILAB Mastermind Facebook group and the Tuesday and Thursday coaching calls.


The Launch It Like A Boss Mastermind Is For You IF…

  • You have a 100% completed program, product or service that is ready to be sold
  • You have the financial means and are ready to invest in yourself and your business
  • You are committed and serious about doing the work to create a high-converting funnel and online launch
  • You are coachable, ask for support when you need it and want to surround yourself with like-minded people who will challenge you and hold you accountable to your goals
  • You desire to understand your business; to put the right systems, strategies and automations in place that will greatly free up your time, make you money and help you feel like a real BOSS and CEO.
  • You want to have an impact, to know that how you show up and the work you are putting out into the world is making a difference

If this sounds like you then complete your application now…

Once we receive your application we’ll review it to see if you’re a good fit. Either way you’ll receive an email letting you what your next steps are. If it seems like you’d be an asset to have in the LILAB Mastermind you’ll receive a link to schedule a 30-minute interview with Lori. Thank you for taking the time to read this and good luck.