How I went from trading dollars for hours to helping thousands of health professionals and online entrepreneurs build the business and life of their dreams, all on their own terms. 

Hey there! I’m Lori.

A mom, an ambitious entrepreneur, writer and podcaster who lives for early mornings, coffee and karaoke. In May 2011, I made my ‘No Plan B’ Commitment to build the business and life of my dreams but the Business of Becoming started way back when I was in kindergarten.

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 “Your daughter displays Leadership Qualities”

I’m pretty sure The Business of Becoming started back when I was in kindergarten. The story I was told was that my kindergarten teacher nicely explained to my parents during parents teacher interviews that I displayed “leadership qualities”.

Somehow, “leadership qualities” turned into me being Bossy.

And somehow, over the years, being bossy turned into feeling like a Bossy Bitch, which turned into me to playing small so that I wouldn’t upset other people (not the best mindset to have when you’re trying to grow a business).

I didn’t know that I was Bossy. Nor did I understand that being Bossy was a ‘bad’ thing.

I was just being Me.

So let me tell you a little bit about myself so you can decide if we’re right for each other… I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s totally cool with me.

You do You.

I’ll do Me.

Failure. Embarrassment. And Crying In My Car.

Now a days you’ll find me sitting at my dining room table with my laptop and various mugs scattered around containing various types of beverages with my hair up in a messy bun probably wearing the same t-shirt I slept in… unless I have to go to the hockey arena or out in public, and then maybe I’ll change my clothes.

Yup, I’m a hockey and gymnastics mom, but more about that later…

My journey into entrepreneurship started when I was 19. I took my first personal training certification at the YMCA in Montreal where I went to University. I somehow managed to get myself a job as a personal trainer in a mostly English speaking gym and from there I became truly unemployable.

I got a small taste of what it was like to be in charge of my own time, not have to report to a boss and to get paid for helping people improve their health.

It was incredible.

Fast forward through University (many drunken nights and too many bad breakups), travelling around the world for a year (mostly British Columbia, Australia and Thailand) and a short consulting gig where I was given a 6-figure budget and put in charge of building out a kids and teens fitness centre… at the age of 24 with no prior experience.

I ended up going back to school to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

This is when entrepreneurial shit got real.

Here’s the abbreviated version:

Graduated in 2006.

Got married in 2007.

Got pregnant in 2007.

Rented an office space inside a busy chiropractic clinic.

Borrowed $5,000 from my dad to build a website no one visited.

Sat in chiro clinic for a year with less than 10 clients.

Went into massive debt paying the clinic rent (and other various biz expenses).

TERMINATED my rental agreement.

Felt like the world’s biggest FAILURE. Cried in my car.

Women. Weight Loss. And A Life Changing Opportunity.  

Raise your hand if you have a mortgage? I do. Since bills gotta get paid and decided I was going to go back to the gym I had previously been a personal trainer at while I was in nutrition school.

I don’t believe in luck. I believe in the Universe.

It just so happens that the nutritionist working at the gym got fired. I took her place.

Those first few months were rough.

I literally had no idea what I was doing.

Everyday I felt like I was going to get fired, even though I technically wasn’t an employee.

Then it happened… during a very hard conversation with my manager I got an idea that became the turning point in my career, business and life.

Instead of only seeing clients 1:1, why can’t I create a group program? Something like Weight Watchers, but way better?

So I did. And my first signature program called WOW! Weight Loss was born.

That ONE program became my entire business.

Business Stats for WOW! Weight Loss:

Had a full time nutrition practice for 7 years running that one program.

Had the program running out of 9 different gyms.

Licensed it to 27 health practitioners across Canada.

Generated $250,000 in sales from creating a certification course to teach the WOW! System.

My big embarrassing failure turned into a life changing gift that opened my eyes to what was possible for me.

2 Kids. $20,000 Investment. And My No Plan B Commitment.

In May 2011 I sat in my bed with my two kids and knew that I needed to take FULL responsibility for my life. Instinctually I knew that I was on my own — emotionally and financially.

And I was ok with that. Yet I knew I needed to dramatically change the way I was doing things.

That’s when I made my No Plan B Commitment.

I committed to going all in.

To learning whatever I needed to learn.

To doing whatever I needed to do.

To work as hard for as long as I needed to.

To sacrifice whatever I needed to in order to get what I wanted.




I didn’t know HOW it was going to happen.
I just knew that I was going to dramatically transform my life.

That commitment led me to a man named Bedros, his event in California and my first $20,000 USD investment into my first Mastermind.

On December 26, 2012 I made $13,286.87 while sitting on my couch in my pj’s.

That’s when I knew I had the ability to actually transform my life.

2 Businesses. 6 Person Team.

And The Business & Life Of My Dreams.

As my online business grew I transitioned out of my brick and mortar nutrition practice. After almost two years of doing both I transitioned online, full time. And I realized that my true zone of genius is being a teacher and an empowerer.

If you remember from the beginning of this story: I am a Leader.

So naturally I started to build up a reputation for leading and teaching business, sales and marketing. But not just teach it — because I eat, sleep and breathe it I’m able to break it down and teach it in a step-by-step way that gives you the competency and confidence to take imperfect action.

I teach what I do and what I know — personal and business development.

Without the fluff, glitz and B.S. that you’re probably used to.
Because no one’s got time for theories, maybe’s and unproven tactics.

You’re here because you’re ambitious, driven and want to transform your life. And you want to do it in the most productive, and fastest way possible.

So let’s get started shall we?

Yo LK! Just The Fun Facts Please…

When people ask me what I do for a living I usually tell them one of two things, depending on if I want to continue talking to them or not. If I need a quick answer that won’t elicit questions I say, “I run an online digital marketing agency.”

If I care to entertain questions then I’ll say, “I help alternative health practitioners start and grow their practices by creating and launching online programs.”  

What I really, really want to say in response to what do I do for a living is…

I wake up super-duper early because I want to, drink coffee, write content, workout, pull tarot cards, laugh with my team, empower my #blacksheep tribe to take imperfect action, turn my personal and professional experiences into money-making programs that we sell and deliver on the internet while only doing the few things that light me up inside… because the more time I spend in my zone of genius, the more fulfilled I feel and the more money and impact my business makes.”

But that wouldn’t make sense to anyone because how does a bossy nutritionist with no formal business or tech training grow a 7-figure business from her dining room table?

Alright, here they are… 10 fun facts about Moi.

#1 For all of high school and University I thought I had social anxiety disorder. Turns out I am an Intuitive Empath.

#2 My first memory of being bullied is in grade one. I was a competitive dancer so I walked with swagger (obviously). Two girls made fun of me for it. I was bullied all throughout elementary and high school.

#3 I used to eat minute rice with loads of soya sauce as an after-school snack almost daily.

#4 Dave Matthews Band is my all-time favourite band. I’ve been to see them dozens of time all over the US and Canada.

#5 I am an introvert. I like alone time. I do not like small talk. I’m actually horrible at it. Networking is the WORST. I play the role of an extrovert on the internet.

#6 I consciously create my life. I believe that I have the ability to determine how I want to feel and I work hard to attract people and experiences that move me closer to feeling how I want to feel.

#7 Karaoke. And dance-walking. Soul-saving. ‘Nuff said.

#8 It’s part of my life’s mission to outsource ALL domestic tasks. I never want to do have to do anything that pertains to home-domestication or administrative duties.

#9 My brain automatically thinks in terms of brand building and sales funnels. I can’t shut it off. And I don’t want to.

#10 I am living proof that YOU can create the business and life of your dreams all on your own terms and that you can do it without any prior experience, financial investment or know-how. As long as you are committed to your vision, you always bet on yourself and take DAILY imperfect action you can transform your life.

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