A few weeks ago I was watching a Russell Brunson video on Facebook as I packed my kids lunches for camp… Don’t you do that too? 😉

The headline read: Why vacations are stressful. Obviously I clicked on it because I too find vacations (and days off) stressful. What Russell said in that video confirmed exactly how I feel on a regular basis and helped me to normalize my anxiety.

He was sharing that he was going to Hawaii with his wife and another couple for their 15 year wedding anniversary and he was starting to get stressed out about it. Yes, he loves his wife and spending time with friends but being taken out of his zone causes him anxiety.

Russell was talking about how he loves spending time with his kids and doing family stuff but that’s when he starts to feel anxious. He mentioned that he feels anxious and frustrated when he’s taken out of his zone because that’s where he feels most comfortable, happy and energetic.

I agree. Obviously I love being with my kids, I love spending time with family and friends but doing it for long periods creates anxiety. And if I have a long-ish period where I’m not able to get into my zone I need to plan other things to do that help me to feel like I’m producing so I don’t go nuts.

One of his clients had this ‘entrepreneur personality test program’ and said to him…

True entrepreneurs don’t register happy or sad. It’s not that they don’t feel happy or sad, like if they are hurt or someone dies, but the things that make other people happy or sad, entrepreneurs don’t really register — as in that’s not what causes us to feel anxious, depressed or elated.

Russell’s ‘entrepreneur personality’ client said: True entrepreneurs register MOMENTUM.

We feel awesome, empowered and in the flow when we are in action and creating momentum. But when we are taken out of action or lose the momentum for whatever reason — kids, family, friends, vacations, personal obligations, it produces anxiety and frustration.

WTF. YES! That’s exactly it.

Think about the last time you went on vacation? Maybe you didn’t work, but did you journal, listen to any self development or business podcasts or get inspired? We can’t ever really shut it off because we are wired differently.

We thrive off momentum. If we’re not growing — personally and/or professionally then we feel anxious, stuck and overwhelmed. I guess ‘normal’ people don’t feel that way?

Which brings me to a very important message: ACTION ALLEVIATES ANXIETY.

If you are feeling anxious about your business, it’s because you aren’t taking action so just do something that will propel you forward, something that will help you to create momentum.

I promise you’ll feel better.

And who cares if ‘normal’ people think you’re nuts because you wake up at 5:00am to write content — momentum baby!