Recently, I was interviewed by a friend and fellow badass — Lori Harder. If you don’t know Lori you might know her dog Waffles. He’s all over Instagram. Lori and her husband Chris Harder are two of the top Isagenix people and Lori has a massive personal development/fitness brand.

Google Lori Harder. She’s awesome.

Anyway, on the podcast interview we were talking about how balance is a myth and how when you get really clear on the vision you have for your business and life you start to see the gaps in your life and that can, at first, initiate feelings of “I’m not good enough” or “I have so far to go” or “can I really do this?”.

See, for me and maybe for you too — I wanted THE LIFE and I knew that in order to achieve the vision, things in my life were going to have to shift, big time!

I realized that if I wanted to create an extraordinary life for myself– a kind of life that includes real time freedom (not there yet), financial freedom (kinda close depending on your definition) and the ability to stand grounded in my Power (always evolving), that I was going to have to Become the woman who did the work to earn and keep that Life.

Most ‘muggles’ of the world don’t get that because they don’t even have the awareness that they should be creating a vision for their life, then do the hard work to find out where the gaps are so they can get laser focused on filling them in.

Because when you look at the gaps you see the Truth in your life and that’s a hard pill to swallow for most people. You see where your mindset is off, the relationships that need work, the personal habits that have got to go and so on.

… So when I started to say ‘no thank you’ to going out for a drink on a weeknight because a 5:00 am wakeup call requires a 10:00 pm bedtime or when I spent entire weekends happily working while everyone else was doing ‘fun’ stuff I started to feel different.

I felt empowered and at the same time I felt left out and worried that I would lose all of my friends and my family would think I was a workaholic. For too long I cared about what they thought and it held me back and sometimes still does if I’m being honest.

When Lori asked me, how do I get out of my own way, I had to think for a minute before I answered.

I hope my answer gives you clarity…

Sometimes I literally can’t get out of my own way — because I’m not yet where I need to be personally (spiritually) to do the thing I know I need to do. So I get in my own way by procrastinating and doing other things instead.

And when I can’t get out of my own way it shows up as feeling fear, not good enough, judged.

I’ve learned over the years that in order for me to get out of my own way, I need to work through the feelings before I can do the thing I know I need to do because if I try to push through and do it anyways it usually turns out to be shit because it’s not coming from a place of Power.

I do the work.

Why do I feel this way?

Where are these feelings coming from?

How can I process through them?

I give myself permission to sit and wait until I’m ready… sometimes being ready comes quick and other times it takes much longer. And that’s ok.

The point is to acknowledge the gaps and do the work to fill them in.

That’s how you get out of your own way. It’s an always evolving process — a new level, new devil kinda thing.

So the next time you get in your own way, stop and do the work, ask the questions, process and then release so you can do the thing you know you need to do because if you don’t — well, you won’t get very far, in business and in life, but you already know that.

Becoming is the hardest part of the job!